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Following the three-day championship, the European Van Horn Cup is contested between the top players from Western Europe and the top players from the rest of the world. Visit the Registration Information page to learn more.

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European Championship Schedule of Events European Championship Player Information Tournament Overview The world’s best young golfers, ages 5-18, will travel to East Lothian, Scotland in 2018 for the eleventh annual U. This year will mark the first annual European Championship Parent/Child Tournament!

Through communication, teens talk about their needs and demonstrate their feelings, but also listen when their partners do the same.

By participating in dating, teens begin to learn how to compromise and cooperate with partners, building on important skills such as active listening and nonverbal messages.

Dating gives teens important practice in managing intimate relationships.

This practice is an essential skill, which they will hone throughout their adult lives.

These boundaries go on to influence adult relationships and serve as a framework for how relationships function.

Communication skills are a necessary component of relationships, which grow in teens when they date.

They develop the ability to resolve conflict without hostility and negotiate with their partners.

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