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“Absolutely blown away by @evanrachelwood’s performance 2night of “What’s Going On” as @Real Linda Perry played piano.

(born 26 February 1986) is an Australian actress, writer, and model, best known for her roles in Warm Bodies, Lights Out and Hacksaw Ridge.

When Anna first informs Matt that she heard back from Cambridge in her room she does so by holding up an envelope that clearly says "Cambridge University" on it with the university's crest below.

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His twin sister Wendy Franklin (Anna Faris) has made an application to the master's degree in Cambridge but she is engaged of the brainless Kyle Masterson (Chris Pratt) and afraid to open the Cambridge's letter with the answer.

Matt's best friend is the salesman Barry Nathan (Dan Fogler) has just been fired from his job at a car dealer.

Shot on location around New South Wales in mid-2005, the film was written by Dave Warner and directed by David Denneen.

She then starred in December Boys, a coming-of-age film set in the 1960s, based on a novel by Michael Noonan.

Palmer described her character, Vanessa, as "the bitchy schoolgirl".

Palmer relocated from Semaphore Beach in Adelaide to Los Angeles in May 2007 to further her career, and began auditioning for films.Disgusted with the materialism that surrounds him, Matt Franklin, a brilliant young MIT graduate, has walked out on his well-paid position at a local lab and taken a low-level job as a video clerk, much to his father Bill's consternation. His best buddy Barry has just gotten fired from his job, his brainy sister Wendy is getting hitched to her vapid boyfriend Kyle, and the gorgeous Tori Frederking, long-time object of Matt's unattainable adoration, is suddenly back in the picture.Now, on one wild, woolly and irresponsible evening, everything is coming to a head, with explosive results.She starred in, co-wrote and co-produced The Ever After with her husband, Mark Webber.Palmer was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia.The trip to Cannes lead her to meet her manager, David Seltzer, and American talent agents.

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