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The mightiest being in the galaxy, the post-human titan, the saviour of humanity, a living god... These days, he's stuck on galaxy's most elaborate life-support machine and nearly powerless physically, which leaves him with a snarky attitude and an awful case of grumpiness.

Also an itchy nose for some reason, despite effectively being a skeleton.

A boy of indeterminate age, "Boy" has the privilege of serving as a vox-serf in the Imperial Palace not just for the the Adeptus Custodes and an Imperial Fist space marine but also for the Emperor himself.

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PS Most all addiction to street drugs began with Marijuana, so don’t kid yourself and say that Marijuana is harmless unless you have approx.$10,000-$20,000 for that persons funeral because that’s where they all end up.

Going through a tough time with my wife as she has recently been prescribed these.

The current commander of the Adeptus Custodes and the personal caretaker of the Emperor of Mankind.

One of the few to avoid or at least get out of the crippling insanity riddling the Adeptus Custodes, he's watching over the Golden Throne when the text-to-speech device is mounted and thus assumes the position of Emperor's companion and adviser - a job description which translates to "Butt-Monkey"., and doesn't return until the Emperor decides to sent Ultramarines and haul him back to Terra.

He's also a self-righteous madman with the policy of "kill first-ask questions later", so when a missive to disband the Inquisition comes from the Imperial Palace, he rushes to Terra to burn the hives down in search of an answer. Dominique mans one of the arms of Karamazov's throne and while his official job is somewhat unclear (it should be to mindlessly write down everything that Karamazov says), the unofficial seems to be whining and annoying the hell out of his boss, who despite this resorts to grumbling rather than firing him (or firing A collection of highly religious and incredibly powerful orders who were tasked with rooting out threats caused by aliens, heretics and daemons within The Imperium.

Unfortunatley, they have a tendency to cause far more harm than good as a result of their rampant paranoia and fanaticism to dogma, leading to The Emperor eventually having Magnus send the vast majority of them into The Warp along their then appointed representative, Fyodor Karamazov.

Our son and family struggled for many years trying to end the addiction that the greedy pharmaceutical companies, doctors and the FDA have created. The drug companies and the doctors who prescribe these medications need to be held accountable.

How many more lives will they allow to be destroyed before something is done to ban this drug and end this epidemic? I had a friend who wasn't abusing this medication only took the prescribed died of having this drug in his autopsy showed nothing else can his system..medication,even if you take it correctly will kill you.

Now, with his soul back and protected from Tzeentch and his minions in the Imperial Palace, he brings his wit and Insufferable Genius to the arguments within the Throne Room.

The Ecclesiarch, AKA the man in charge of maintaining the Imperial Faith, which makes him rather redundant once the Emperor decides to disband both the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition.

Despite this little obstacle, he continues working for the good of the Imperium.

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