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All characters portrayed are canonically 18 or older. Black hair and ebony skin. Beginning dialog: Libby: About fucking time you noticed! Libby, what are you- Libby: You just stood there that whole time while I was getting used like a fucking sex toy! I guess it’s like chickenpox and you can only get it once. you can see I’ve chosen the two with the biggest tits for this scene, so both of them should have their tits out, and let’s have plenty of jiggling! FINAL SCENE: Stacy’s mom lying on the lawn covered in cum, with the dick poking out from under her skirt. Agua: “Damn it the first portal in ages and it shut before I can use it…

A possessed Frank fucks an entranced Nancy (Vag and Anal). Tanya and Holly double blowjob & titfuck Major Borchev. The Ghost Charmer gets gangbanged by a possessed Justin, Super Son & Watson (Vag, Anal & Mouth). Ow H1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggested Story: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mn F News reporter Nancy Boobitch has a new case for Watson, this time of the seemingly supernatural variety. Now that Watson has Holly to help him with his cases he can afford to take the time to investigate Nancy’s case while Holly deals with some of their ongoing investigations.

STORY: (Shot of Stacy’s mom glaring angrily at Stacy, Libby and Honey as they stand in front of an expensive looking sports car in the driveway of Stacy’s house. (The girls expressions suddenly change as the car runs over something with a bang and the car comes to a quick stop.) (The girls are then shown standing on the side of the desert road, examining a flat tire.) Stacy: Oh maaan… We knew it was only a matter of time before she came after us, but thankfully since it was three against one now, we were eventually able to gang up on her and stuff her into the- Stacy’s Mom: Stacy, that is ENOUGH! (Cut back to the present in front of Stacy’s house.) Stacy’s Mom: I can’t believe you! Agua: “That guy is heading straight for me I better keep my guard up and use my magic to keep him back”.

Julie isn’t seen.) The car: plate number MNF4EVR.) Stacy’s Mom: So! Not only do you take your father’s car, not only do you break your curfew, but you make up the most PERVERTED lies about why?! The Lustful starts moving between objects as Agua starts using magic (fire,blizzard and thunder) to keep him away.

this scene ends with the lustful cumming over Agua’s body.

( SR/474334/Commission-Lightning-X-Balthier) After finishing The Lustful glows for a second having gained power from fucking Agua, It then creates a portal to the realm of light and heads through leaving the portal open. Voice: “well done you have earned your way home but there was no test, thank you for making me stronger.” Agua: “ What this was set up, I’ll get you for this.” The end realm of darkness example picture: to Kelumir for designing The Lustful---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nancy Boobitch (News Reporter Games) “The Ghost Charmer” - Jinx (Villainess) - This (except with much bigger tits): https:// Tanya Tanwell (Lady Shield) Skin & Hair colors:

page=post&s=view&id=1966956 Librarian outfit: Hero outfit:

page=post&s=view&id=2735654 Holly Hoare (Holly Hotness) - same Hero outfit from "XXX Files: Episode 2" & New Police outfit: https:// BVa EVd_Sly ARIGYAAFyr7zuo XE507.jpg/2016Justin Boobitch (News Reporter Games) Frank (Watson’s Buff Police Academy Friend - XXX Files Intro) And of course Officer Phil Watson and his boss Police Chief Officer Juggs, Mighty Son & Major Borchev return from the previous episodes.

She explains that last night, a mysterious box was delivered to the doorstep of the Boobitch household. With the help of Professor Bulgestein, Watson and Nancy are able to construct a device able to track ectoplasm residue leaked by a possessed host.

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