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Most people in the Western world buy a property because it goes up in value, yet I know a guy here who bought a condo two years ago and now cant sell it for toffee.

He thought the escalating market would mean being able to flip it for a small fortune within a couple of years. Why would a buyer buy second hand, when for only a few grand more they can buy brand new?

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Okay, these occurrences are fairly rare, but be careful who you do business with.

In Bangkok, for a little under £300 per month, you can rent a 1-bedroom condo with a balcony just a few metro stops from the centre of town.

Getting on the property ladder at these prices is a dream come true, right? Take a deeper look at the condo market in Thailand and you'll see the false economy.

For a start, building standards in Thailand are poor, period.

It seems like every street in Bangkok has an apartment block being built these days.

New apartment blocks selling “happiness”, “lifestyle” and “freedom” are advertised on every street corner and inside every train station.

There is a way to turn a profit in the Thai apartment market, and that is to buy early.

Some developers are desperate to secure sales in the early stages to help pay off creditors and secure further funding for the next stage of building, it also boosts popularity around the project.

And it’s not like the tools aren;t available to rent; it's just that the developers want to save money at all costs.

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