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Historically, overnight visitors to a Thai home were requested to ask permission from the (spirit ghost of the land) to stay in the house.

The visitor would then be asked to thank the ghost when they left.

There's also likely to be variations and completely different customs found as you travel between regions.

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Visiting temples in Thailand is a must for every trip, however, many tourists shy away from interesting places such as the Tunnel Temple in Chiang Mai because they don't understand Buddhism or the local customs.

Be sure to brush up on your temple etiquette so you don't offend any of the worshipers!

This custom still exists in some rural areas of the country, but you probably won't be asked to do this as a foreigner.

However, some Thais will even perform this ritual before going to sleep in a hotel room.

The same applies if you walk past a person and block out their vision for a split second.

Your Next Read: How to Do The Perfect Thai Wai This list is a fairly brief overview, and there's a ton of other customs and traditions out there.A Thai person is more likely to wait until you have left to open the gift.This is part of the “grengjai” custom (in consideration of).If you need to point (indicate) someone out, instead of extending your finger, bend your hand downwards with your fingers leaning toward the floor and your palm facing upward. In cases where it is unclear who the inviter was, the superior will usually pay.Remember, if you are going on a date with a Thai woman, don't think going “Dutch” is an option.Your Next Read: Find Out What's Behind All 13 Thai Smiles Shoes must be taken off upon entering someone’s home.

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