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You can take off your trousers rather than leaving them around your ankles, which allows for some more freedom.It shouldn’t be any problem to get the titties out for some hands on play time either.Some guys would get off while throwing back a beer, chatting with a mate, or even reading a newspaper. Like pretty much all the Thai blowjob bars, things have changed a bit toward the more private.

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It used to be that most of the blowjob bars in Japan were a lot more expensive too, but with the wild fluctuations in economies and exchange rates over the last few years rates in both countries have started to approach more similar price points when calculated in US dollars.

Star of Light is located on Patpong 2 (sometimes spelled “Phat Pong 2” on maps) in the middle of Bangkok’s notorious Patpong red light district.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like.

We’ve been successful at bringing together Thailand singles wherever they may be.

is one of the most unique dating sites in the Asian dating site niche.

Star of Light is one of the longest standing blowjob bars in Thailand, which outside of Japan is probably the country that holds the most penis polishing pubs in the world.

The main difference of note that the kind of people who read this website would want to know about it is that while the blowjob bars in Japan are for the most part aimed at local guys who want to get their rocks off quick and easy (with a few notable exceptions, like this and this), the blowjob bars in Thailand are mainly targeted at tourists, expats and other foreign visitors.

Like My Friend You in Pattaya or any other self respecting Thai blowjob bar, the woman of your choosing will bring out her kit, complete with anti-bacterial wipes, and give your undercarriage a wipe down. The slurping and burping won’t stop until you unload, as long as it’s within reason. Sometimes you’re so drained from previous festivities in Thailand that it takes twenty minutes. Walking Street in Pattaya has already become a bit of a circus for tourists with no interest in sexual services, and the Patpong area is starting to fill up with more “legitimate businesses.” Only time will tell.

While they’ll keep working diligently to get you off, kicking up your feet and trying to get through with your dong in your provider’s mouth is taking things too far. As an old standby in the blowjob bar circuit where a guy can go and get a satisfactory suck job for a few bucks, I give Star of Light a solid three and a half stars.

The price for the blowjob itself should cost 700 Baht. Only a few years ago it came out to about .50, similar to what you’d pay for a short time pump and dump on Blow Row in Angeles City. I’m sure many readers who are familiar with Bangkok will already know of the place, but many others probably do not.

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