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Her article is called "In So Many Words" and is about student issues.

==Character History==fff Rebecca lives with her father and her Baba. In The Dating Issue, Noah and Rebecca went on a homework date for reasearch on Rebecca's article.

Instead the show achieves a very rare nostalgic feeling for the older audience and lets children watch a show that is...... I highly recommend it for anybody who watches TV to enjoy themselves and have a good time!!

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She and Wilder have chemistry, despite being major opposites.

Wilder was the first to find out Amanda had never been kissed so he gives her a coupon for her first kiss to be with him.

The irony of science and faith being at odds is that science can, in fact, be faith's biggest supporter.

Gene Simmons, Jack Osbourne and Kevin Jonas are just some of the celeb dads who revealed to Us Weekly what they want for Father’s Day. So put down the ties, socks and golf clubs and watch the exclusive video above to hear what they have to […] Crikey, mate!

Being a Canadian teen sitcom that airs on Family, there are no great surprises here; but there's some excellent UST between the two main couples Amanda/Wilder and Rebecca/Noah, as well as Michael's Ambiguously Gay antics.

The story of a 14 year old girl named Sadie Hawthorne, a bright girl who is very interested in nature and the behaviors of animals.In science, to prove something, you have to be able to measure the outcome of a test and someone else has to be able to duplicate the same series of tests you did and get the same outcome.So, proving whether or not reincarnation or astrology as real, is not easy to do.Science meets faith and astrology could actually be more real than you think. It makes sense, considering one relies on proven, tangible evidence, and the other is dependent upon believing in something that you can't physically prove. Throughout modern history, science and faith have been at odds with astrology or the afterlife.When they all come back to school in she accidentally blurts this out to Noah because she thinks that he's trying to tell her that he kissed Zuzu Moon.

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