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But, the great thing about selfies is that there’s really no wrong way to take them.

Plus, selfies are still popular in the online dating world, too, as a way to show off your personality.

9Now is only able to show live and on demand content in Australia and does not have international streaming right.


"But more importantly they don't want to be contacted by strangers on a social network meant for connections with friends and family." Facebook announced earlier this month it's prepping a separate dating feature to live inside the core Facebook app.

The feature includes an event-based system for pairing that's unique to the space.

You just can’t go by “Britney__Tears,” “Daddyz Princess29,” or “Bread_Time,” to name a few (lightly modified) usernames it listed.

In a statement to , a spokesperson said that a name requires at least two letters, with no numbers, symbols, or emojis, and that there’s a list of banned words that won’t qualify.

"Within two months of offering Tinder users an alternative to sign-up with Facebook, new users went from 100 percent Facebook sign-up, down to only 25 percent Facebook sign-up, even though Facebook sign-up with the first option on the screen and the most frictionless," Ginsberg said.

"Users quickly and decisively separated Facebook from their dating experience." Facebook's dating feature will specifically match users they aren't already friends with, and users' separate dating profiles won't be visible to friends on the larger platform.

One person says they just entered their old username as their first name.

OKCupid seems likely to frown on that practice, but it seems plausible that plenty of people will use fake first names of some sort, unless it starts requiring a link to a Facebook profile.

Using real first names is standard on newer dating sites like Tinder.

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