Things to do before updating iphone software

But don't worry: the process is pretty painless.

Here's a guide that explains exactly how to get the latest i OS software on your i Phone.

In this article, we will show you what you need to do before updating to i OS 10.

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Updating your apps to the latest version available on App Store will eliminate any potential compatibility issues between your favorite apps and the i OS 10 environment. Update to the latest version of i Tunes Needless to say, your Windows PC or Mac should have the latest version of i Tunes installed.

An updated suit will ensure full compatibility between your i OS 10 powered device and your computer.

When you have i Tunes open, connect your i Phone to your computer using its USB cable.

(You may see your computer automatically installing the necessary drivers; if so, let this run.)Once all the necessary drivers are installed, i Tunes will recognize your i Phone.

If you see a button that says "Check for Update," that means i Tunes has not automatically found a newer version of the i OS software.

Click this to manually check for an update; if your i Phone is already running the most current version, you'll see a pop up message saying "This version of i OS (x.x.x)* is the current version." That means no updated software is available.* = version of the software.

If you have the slightest of doubt, make sure to reset the password before attempting to update to i OS 10. This won’t matter for many people but if you’re installing i OS 10 for someone else, make sure toy get that code before the person leaves the device in your hands. Backup your Data With every software update, it is vital that you back up all of your data because you will lose all data after update.

You can easily backup your data via i Tunes, i Cloud or i Refone before installing the i OS 1O. Charge your device Make sure that your device is charged to at least 50 percent. It is unlikely for your i OS device to consume all the battery juice but you don’t want it to be running out of power during the update process. Update Apps in your device Make sure that no new app updates are pending in the App Store.

This article is aimed at helping you and your device get ready for the i OS 10.

Many people will report that they suffer some problem during the update.

Many Apple users using i Phone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/5s/5c/5 could update to i OS 10 when it is released.

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