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The late Decorated east window is partly filled with surviving medieval stained glass.Between the apsidal chapels is a cross Lady chapel, and north of the nave are the cloisters, the carrels or stalls for the monks' study and writing lying to the south.In 2010 Nicholson also added a Trompette Harmonique solo reed. It is designed particularly to play from its position on the Quire screen to both East and West sides of the Cathedral.

Herbert Howells, who was a pupil of Brewer, composed a Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for Gloucester Cathedral An annual musical festival, the Three Choirs Festival, is hosted by turns in this cathedral and those of Worcester and Hereford in rotation.

The Three Choirs is the oldest annual musical festival in the world.

The organ was extended and modified by nearly all of the established UK organ builders, including Henry "Father" Willis who worked on the organ in 1847 and rebuilt it in 1888-9.

It was rebuilt again in 1920 by Harrison & Harrison.

Directly above the Swell is the Great organ which is split into East and West divisions; it comprises two separate principal choruses.

The fourth manual is a West Positive, mirroring the function of the Choir organ for the West side of the Cathedral.

The nave is massive Norman with an Early English roof; the crypt, under the choir, aisles and chapels, is Norman, as is the chapter house.

The crypt is one of the four apsidal cathedral crypts in England, the others being at Worcester, Winchester and Canterbury.

In order to help reach this target Gloucester Cathedral commissioned local solar company Mypower to install an array on the nave of Gloucester Cathedral.

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