Threatening and intimidating behavior

It is a criminal offence for anyone to try to force you to do something or prevent you from doing something by...

The maximum penalty for threatening death or bodily harm is five years imprisonment.

threatening and intimidating behavior-85

This offence carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $5000.

It is also a criminal offence to tell someone false information with the intent to injure or alarm them, for example, to falsely tell you that someone close to you has been injured or killed.

Cow implies bringing out an abject state of timorousness and often demoralization: a dog that was cowed by abuse.

To bully is to intimidate through blustering, domineering, or threatening behavior: workers who were bullied into accepting a poor contract.

It is a criminal offence for anyone to make you reasonably fear for your safety or the safety of someone you know by... The offender does not need to have intended to harm you.

If their behaviour would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety, it is criminal harassment.

It’s a class 6 felony when a gang member threatens or intimidates.

If the threat or intimidation is made to actually promote the gang, or to get someone to participate in the gang, it can be charged as a class 3 felony under ARS 13-1202(A)(3).

may intimidate the human race into bringing order into its international affairs" (Albert Einstein).

Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.

The allegation of threat is often made up, exaggerated, or blow out of proportion.

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