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” I took a page out of the Vicky Cristina Barcelona playbook. Disagreeing would have been like spitting on Kasia’s face. The first thing I did when we got to my place was load Google Translate on my laptop. Her tiny size really hit me when she took off her heels. At that moment I accepted getting locked up in a Polish prison in order to make it happen.Anna giggled and then translated for Kasia, who smiled and reciprocated my half-hug. She typed in, “How many girls have you been with in Poland? She tried to go down on me but her mouth was too small.I knew she would apologize for having a boyfriend and give me a little kiss goodbye on the edge of my lips. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to make sweet love with feminine Polish women.

Tips dating polish guy

They want to experience the good feelings of talking to a cool foreigner, but not the guilty feelings of cheating.

Recently I went out on a Tuesday night to an club that, while cheesy and filled with sausage, was the only place in town that had a crowd.

Whenever I was on the verge of gathering enough strength to walk away, she’d do something intimate like hold my hand or get close to my face, as if she was doing just enough so I wouldn’t leave. Anna’s two friends came back to collect her, thinking I was the typical club douche bag.

While they had a conference discussing my merits, I thought back to all the nights I was tricked by a girl who only wanted the validation of being desired by a man other than her boyfriend.

I put my arm around the girls, let out a smirk, and said, “I would love to be with both of you tonight. She’d listen, smile, and we’d kiss every few minutes. I made the universal sign for sleep, telling her that I was tired anyway.

How about we walk to my apartment, have a few drinks, listen to some good music, and make love? It only makes sense that I try to kiss your friend.” She looked upset, but my logic was sound. It took about twenty minutes to get her to understand that just because she came to my place, it didn’t mean we had to have sex. Anna let me take Kasia home, sparing me the cockblock. I see no reason why I wouldn’t want to see you again.” I kissed her. Besides her surprisingly round ass, she had the body of a gymnast who didn’t quite make it past puberty. I got her down to her bra and panties but she kept saying “no, no.” I was so turned on by her beauty and petite figure that I told myself she’s not walking out my door without getting fucked.

It was turning out to be another night where I’d get nothing.

I glanced over to one of Anna’s friends, who was slightly cuter.

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