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Its so beautiful and subtle, I’m literally obsessed with this! I add the NYX NUDE liner to my bottom water line to help open up my eyes! I wear lash extensions therefore I don’t really put mascara because I don’t need it but I’ll add it to the bottom lashes to make my eyes look bigger! Above is normally how I do makeup, its easy and pretty natural looking, but because its the holidays, I added this beautiful vampy lipstick to finish it off!

Don't be afraid to break out of the walls of your all-inclusive, meet some of the planet's warmest people, support local businesses, and experience Jamaica's vibrant spirit for yourself.

You'll enjoy the most remarkable Jamaican vacation!

I don’t always try new, crazy make-up looks, but I’m definitely into makeup and trying more subtle little looks wether its fun glitter on my lids ( like this super cool glitter HERE) or adding a soft smudge smokey eye.

My style in beauty looks is a bit more sweet & natural- good brows, lashes, rosy/bronzed cheeks and a rose pink lip, it’s my everyday look!

Prime your face with (link below) to give you a smooth complex; apply it as if you’re applying moisturizer on to your face. The dampness will help apply it nicer and give you this dewey feel. I then dab on the BRIGHTENING POWDER to help set the concealer but also brighten up your under eyes! I use the HIGHLIGHTER to highlight all the places I want to pop, like my nose, cheek bones.

You want to dab the product on your face not rub it. I do it before I add my bronzer and blush because i feel like it looks a bit more natural and subtle. Next, I add my bronzer on the corners of my forehead, cheeks and everywhere where the sun usually hits you.

This new lipstick by GIORGIO ARMANI (this color, this one and this one are my faves! x IT BYE BYE PORES PRIMER DIOR BEAUTY APPLICATOR LAURA MERCIER BRIGHTENING POWDER (BEST I’ve ever tried!

) is pretty awesome, it really last all day without smearing and losing the color, the applicator is also very easy to apply!! ) URBAN DECAY CONCEALER LAURA MERCIER POWDER FENTY BEAUTY HIGHLIGHTER GEORGIO ARMANI LIPSTICK NYX LINER (OBSESSED WITH THIS!

I love everything about this captivating jewel of the Caribbean, particularly the Parish of Portland!

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