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in this case, Avery with Hilary Rhoda's Chihuahua, Chloe. Everyone knows that summer is the best time of year to get out of town with your significant other..thing hockey players are available.5. While football girlfriends are shivering like crazy and baseball wives are sweating off their mascara, hockey girlfriends get to stay perfectly cool rink side.6. Here's a fun piece of trivia: The NHL has at least one player from every team who has openly spoken on behalf of LGBT athletes, fans, coaches, and staff.Because love is love and there's nothing like loving a man who 9.Forget food, taking him to a game, is the quickest way to his heart.

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It is your time to celebrate and, more importantly, relax.

After a loss, there is absolutely nothing you can say that will make him feel better.

But even discounting such generalizations, dating a hockey player can be a whole lot of fun, if you are the kind of girl who likes sporty guys.

so whether you have your eyes on a professional or simply wish to date someone who plays the game you love, here are a few tips on going out with a hockey player.

The NHL just completed their draft picks for the 2014-2015 season, and there are a whole lot of reasons to keep your eyes on the fresh crop of players—none of which have to do with their obvious athletic skills. Not only did former New York Rangers star Sean Avery collaborate with model and fiancé Hilary Rhoda on a capsule collection for the label Solid & Striped, but Rhoda has revealed that Avery helps her pick out shoes on the regular.3.

Not only are they talented, but professional ice hockey players have amazing crush-worthy potential. and even though it's the middle of summer, we won't be sad when the first cold snap comes.1. Recently, Carrie Underwood's husband, Nashville Predators' Center Mike Fisher, was described on the news ticker of a local program as "married to someone famous." Instead of getting annoyed, Fisher captured it on Instagram—and asked that his fans please call him Mr. Because they're not afraid to appear on the cover of a magazine holding a tiny, adorable dog… Their professional calendar is primed for easy-to-book vacations.

After the final buzzer sounds throughout the rink and you win, you can sit back and take a load off.

This is the one moment of relief before the anxiety of the next game to come begins very soon.

Hang out at the stadiums In order to date hockey players you should know where to meet them.

One of the best chances you have of meeting a single hockey player is at the team's home stadium.

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