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The dancers hold each other's hands and the circle spins, usually counterclockwise, as each participant follows a sequence of three steps forward and one step back.

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Syrtos and kalamatianos are Greek dances done with the dancers in a curving line holding hands, facing right.

The dancer at the right end of the line is the leader.

It is also used, in its more meditative form, in worship within various religious traditions including, the Church of England Thousands of medieval tombstones called "Stećci" were found in Bosnia and Hercegovina and neighboring areas.

They dated from the end of the 12th century to the 16th century.

Dancing around the church or a fire was frequently denounced by church authorities which only underscores how popular it was."a company of Greeks, often of ten or more persons, stepped forth to the open place, took each other by the hand, made a round circle, and now stepped backward, now forward, sometimes went around, singing in Greek the while, sometimes stamped strongly on the ground with their feet." In Denmark, old ballads mention a closed circle dance which can open into a chain dance.

A fresco in Ørslev church in Zealand from about 1400 shows nine people, men and women, dancing in a line.The lead dancer usually holds the second dancer by a handkerchief, this allowing him or her to perform more elaborate steps and acrobatics.The steps of the Kalamatianós are the same as those of the Syrtos, but the latter is slower and more stately, its beat being an even Sardana is a type of circle dance typical of Catalonia.An Dro, meaning "the turn", is a Breton circle dance.The dancers link the little fingers in a long line, swinging their arms, whilst moving to their left.A chronicle from 1344 urges the people of the city of Zadar to sing and dance circle dances for a festival.

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