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He molded the faces and bodies of his subjects into an almost three-dimensional effect as opposed to appearing flat on the canvas.His portraits capture the arrogance of high society that became en vogue during the 16th century.

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He tended to exaggerate bright and bold colors in his portraits of the noble Medici family.

Subject Matter: Medici Portraits: Bronzino is most known for his portraits of the Medici family that ruled Florence in the 16th century.

However, the common sentiment among art critics is that Bronzino lacked the passion to accomplish great religious works like his teacher.

Although his technique was good, his religious paintings often appeared bland and lacking in emotion.

Some consider his portraits of literary figures to be his best, seeping with his subjective passion for the sitters.

Religious Painting: Although Bronzino is not known primarily as a religious painter he did paint religious subjects.Allegories: Bronzino also painted allegorical stories and these are some of his most peculiar yet fantastic works.His much acclaimed Allegory with Venus and Cupid is an example of this genre.These paintings tend to inject moral messages into the themes.Portraiture Style: Common words used to describe Bronzino's portraiture style are cold, calculated, unemotional, detached, superbly realistic and with immaculate attention to detail, especially when painting elaborate clothing patterns and fabrics.Bronzino's portraits are immaculately realistic in detail with his subjects exuding blank, stoic expressions, yet with a sense of nobility and haughtiness.

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