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Our favorite thing to do when I was growing up, would be to watch Around the Horn and PTI back to back when my father would get home from work.

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And for Tony the feeling must be the extreme ends of bittersweet. Great that he has other children to sink his energy and emotion into though.

I'm sure he's at least happy that the first son is back healthy, but the feeling of losing his twin at the same time? In situations like this, I always take solace from the fact that every single person dies after what is really a pretty short run. I have an old friend from High School who experienced this rough situation.

I don't want to take away from anyone else's tragedy, but losing 1 of 2 twins is an unfathomable situation to me. That line of "It's okay not to be okay" really struck a chord with me as well.

It just seems really powerful coming from people like celebrities who are made to look like they live perfect lives.

Edit: In tweet #6 he says "I’ve spent time here* & here* pledging that it’s ok to not be ok." He later tweeted with links to the sites he was referring to.

Here* And Here * I wasn't aware of it until he gave an incredibly heartfelt sendoff on ATH today.Having to talk to our just-old-enough-to-know daughter who was expecting two siblings.These are impossible moments; how can any parent go forward? Consider that grief could mean meeting ourselves where we actually are.We lost Amadeo in the moments leading up to childbirth. The duality of all this - the anguish and the joy - is impossible to grasp. For me that means two things: giving voice to our feelings, and allowing others to lift us when we can’t shoulder the load of those feelings.The heaviness of giving a eulogy for a son who never had a chance to breathe.Can't remember who won, I think it was Blackistone, but they gave their "Face time" to Reali who basically said everything on air that he said in these tweets.

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