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This information may be used to contact you about the email communication.

The Trac Fone customer service line is open for both Trac Fone and Safe Link.

Modular homes are built to such standards that when these homes are shipped from the factory on flatbed trucks and joined a local code inspectors must inspect and approve of all utility connections building codes in and outside of the home. Do your own research and do not fall within the scope of these Act's jurisdiction. Love what you do daily, John Fedro [email protected] Sources: Updated Disclaimer: I have received a few emails asking for free forms associated with selling your mobile home safely from a personal property trust like I mention above.

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Mobile home is the term used for manufactured homes produced prior to June 15, 1976 when the HUD new safety code went into effect.

Mobile homes are prefabricated homes that are largely constructed in factories then transported to a site where it will reside temporarily or permanently.

If you are a current customer, you will need your serial number and phone number when calling.

Some customers just feel more comfortable contacting Trac Fone by mail with a complaint, concern or compliment. Attention: Executive Resolution Department9700 NW 112 Ave.

Mobile homes may be located inside a mobile home park or on private land.

These homes have steel I-beams which run along the underside of the homes.

Miami, FL 33178 There is an official website for Trac Fone where customers can register for an account, track orders or make a new purchase at This email form requires your name and email address.

If you are interested in ordering a new phone or new service, you may wish to visit a local retailer to physically see the phones and choose the one that best fits your needs. You can include your home address and phone number if desired.

At first glance mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes appear to look alike however there are both subtle and obvious differences inside and out between these 3 kinds of homes that investors should be very aware of.

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