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Vicky was completing her master's in Catalan Identity, which she had become interested in through her great affection for the architecture of Gaudí.

Cristina, who spent the last six months writing, directing, and acting in a 12-minute film which she then hated, had just broken up with yet another boyfriend and longed for a change of scenery.

Freshman year of college, you make friends in your dorm, you do everything together, you date someone in the group, break up and are left to deal with mess, all while trying to keep some semblance of normalcy.

My friend handled her situation in a completely badass way.

Whatever your life story is, let us assist you in finding that special someone, from casual daters to serious singles.

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The unearthed safe was full of jewellery, watches, military medals and letters, and Adam reckons it was tossed into the water at Pittville Park by robbers.

Unemployed Adam, 22, said: 'I cast it about four or five times without any luck.'Then I felt something on the end line and when I pulled it out it turned out to be a safe full of jewellery.'As I was reeling it in people started looking so I asked a woman walking a dog to film it for me.'He added: 'It was obviously from some kind of robbery.

I thought it was an interesting movie that dealt with dark issues, but it didn't feel like Woody Allen. I am here to tell you after going on opening night that VICKY Christina BARCELONA isn't only enchanting, but so well written.

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