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Justin did say that Triple H always talked down to him when he was working in the WWE.

While Triple H allegedly buried the entire locker room before his match with The Undertaker at , Roberts said that The Undertaker himself was “awesome” and “great” and he had nothing to say bad about the Phenom.

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At the first Hell in a Cell match, Kane made his debut by costing Undertaker a match with Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker refused to fight Kane until he was burnt alive in a coffin at .

When asked about their relationship when Justin Roberts was working there, Roberts said there were people that Triple H liked and those he didn’t.

Roberts said that Triple H never wanted to be bothered with questions from him, so he just went on his way and did his job.

When Kane appeared, he wore a mask and had sleeves to hide his disfigurement from the fire.

He also was unable to speak without the aid of a voice box.

Details of his physical and mental healing have never been revealed.

In late 2002, Triple H revealed that Kane murdered his ex-girlfriend Katie Vick.

Glen Jacobs was born on April 26, 1968, in Madrid Spain. After several months of threatening the Undertaker about a dark secret, Paul Bearer let the world know that Undertaker killed his family in a fire but his brother was still alive.

The early part of his career was marred by horrible gimmicks including the Christmas Creature (a wrestling Christmas tree), Dr. Despite rumors and storylines, he is not related to the Undertaker or Paul Bearer, never married Lita, knew a Katie Vick, and only Glen Jacobs has played the part of Kane (with a few exceptions that were later revealed).

Kane and Taker fought for the first time at Wrestlemania 14.

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