Unfulfilled dating

There’s not a moment of your life that you can’t account for in great detail, often down to a minute-by-minute replay.

And maybe you’re walking around on eggshells now because she may not get mad and yell a lot but she’s got a way of making you feel like you’ve just run over a bunch of kittens. did you make a mistake when you decided to date her It’s a mistake to think that relationships are always going to be nothing but rainbows and cotton candy unicorn farts.

They’re hard work and any long-term relationship is going to have it’s ups and downs. You may not be the life of the party, but damned if you’re not getting out there and shaking things down with your buddies, cheering at the game or just having fun clowning around…

But when that initial rush has faded, things take on a slightly different tone. Well, they’re kinda starting to get on your nerves.

You don’t see your friends as often as you’d like, but damned if it doesn’t see like you’re getting dragged along to every coffee klatch, day trip and birthday bash that friends throw.

In fact, when you really stop and think about it, you have a hard time remembering the last time you had a guy’s night out. Your friends have started referring to their ability to hang out with you as your being out on parole, and if you don’t check in with your PO, you’ll be in deep shit. Like clockwork, something’s come up and you have to get back to her. Your girlfriend acting like your jailor is another entirely. Fundamental incompatibility, whether it’s out of synch libidos or unfulfilled kinks or even differing opinions on pornography, sexuality or monogamy is the death-knell of a happy relationship.

It’s no real mystery why she wants to keep you away from your friends; you may be blind to how she’s treating you, but they’re not. This isn’t to say that, as with any other part of a relationship, there can’t be compromises.

If you’re typing an email that’s longer than five words, she’s there reading over your shoulder.

Your every interaction on Facebook is scrutinized like the Zapruder film and you’d better have a damn good reason to explain why hat cute girl you went to high school with just sent you a friend request. In her eyes, it’s disgusting and degrading and no man in her life would is tantamount to cheating.

Maybe she’s going to get pissed at you for something you said while you were standing in line for tickets at the movies and she’s going to have that discussion RIGHT THE HELL NOW. Or perhaps she catches you looking at another girl while you’re at the mall and she stalks off.

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