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Martha got into the Skakel's Lincoln, which was parked in the driveway.She sat between Michael, and his older brother, Tommy.

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The father of a young son, a talented athlete who was a one-time member of the U. National speed skiing squad, and a man they say is dedicated to helping others."I wouldn't be sitting here if it weren't for Michael," said Steven"Our brother Michael's been stolen from us," said David."He's innocent.

I know that," added John."We are gonna fight until he is freed and re-united with his son," said Steven.

Asked if everyone was rich, Steven told Stahl, "It was a fairly well-to-do area. Unable to cope with raising seven children by himself, Rushton Skakel hired a nanny, and then, in October 1975, a live-in tutor named Ken Littleton."He was the football coach, but he was pretty much a loner," said Steven. Typical teenager in the best sense of the term," said Len Levitt.

On the day after Ken Littleton took up residence in the Skakel home, Martha Moxley, the Skakel's pretty next door neighbor, would be found murdered. A writer for the Huffington Post, Levitt has spent nearly twice as many years investigating her murder. Levitt's reporting of the case began following Martha's death on Oct. It was the night before Halloween."Martha does not return home and her mother, obviously, is concerned.

His findings were first published in the Atlantic Monthly."That's why, you know, I took the time to put together this piece, is that I'm utterly convinced that he did not do the crime, I know he didn't do the crime," he said.

After the article was published, Kennedy said he received hundreds of letters about the case.

Their father, Rushton Skakel, had inherited a fortune from the family mining company. It was a wonderful place to grow up."In 1973, a cloud cast a shadow over those happy times for this family of six boys and one girl, when they lost their mother to cancer."I remember my father said, 'Your mother has died.

Forty years ago, the family was growing up in a house in the exclusive Belle Haven section of Greenwich, Conn. If you want to go to your room and cry, that's fine.' And it was never discussed again," said Steven.

A TV miniseries, "Murder in Greenwich," was one in a long line of books, articles and TV dramatizations about Martha Moxley's murder -- a parade led by the late writer Dominick Dunne and disgraced policeman-turned-writer Mark Fuhrman. "I worked for a humanitarian aid group for 11 years," he said.

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