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He referred to several others, without commentating on them: one of these is the Kausitaki, which is now universally accepted among the 'principal' group.

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Often they take one of the rituals of the sacrifice and turn it into a form of inner contemplation.

All these, together with the principal Upanishads , are regarded by Hindus as sruti, 'that which is heard', revelation, as distinct from smrti, 'that which is remembered', epics, legends, law books, etc.

The word Upanishad, however we derive it, implies an esoteric teaching, concerned not with the outward forms of religion but with the inner meaning.

Typically, an Upanishad recounts one or more sessions of teaching, often setting each within the story of how it came to be taught.

There are several hundred works that have the status of Upanishads for some groups of Hindus.

Many of these are late texts, expounding specialized ways of practice such as Yoga or Tantra, or teaching devotion to one great god or goddess.Each Samhita has its own associated Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads , to create a formal structure of four Vedas each in four parts, each part being linked to one of the four stages (asrama) of a Brahmana man's life.As a young student (brahmacarin), he was expected to study the Samhita.The next phase is that of the Brahmanas, prose guides to the ritual for use by the sacrificial priests.Overlapping to some extent with the Brahmanas are the Aranyakas, which are concerned with the inner symbolism of the rituals.As a householder (grhastha), he would carry out the rituals of the Brahmanas.

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