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We are using Flagship One from now on for all our automotive computer needs. - Joelcoqui My 96 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L has been running GREAT since I ordered my PCM from FS1inc.Customer service folks called me TWICE to confirm the correct fitment and were flat out AWESOME! - Pete Kana Flagship One Inc is a great company to work with! I would recommend them to anyone who needs car computer help! - Amy Leach Bought two for two different vehicles and they worked great!Close enough isnt good enough when it comes to replacing PCMs.

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Somebody may have crossed up some wires, zapped the PCM with too much voltage or who knows what?

The computer needs to be tested and verified before it can go back on the shelf and be sold to somebody else.

Ford and Chrysler dealerships all over the world contract us to handle their programmed engine computer services.

All of our products are thoroughly tested and bear the exclusive Flagship One Lifetime Warranty.

We specialize in engine module programming and flashing for all Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mazda, and General Motors (including the GM and GMC brands CHEVROLET, BUICK, PONTIAC, & CADILLAC) models.

Flagship One also offers reprogramming and flashing services for existing PCM Module, ECU Module and Engine Computer Modules, including tuning and software updating.

So its obvious a lot of people are swapping computers to see if a different PCM will fix their problem.

The trouble with returns is if the PCM has been on the car, you have no way of knowing if it is still "good" or not.

If water gets inside a PCM, it can short circuits and set up irreversible corrosion that ruins electronic connections.

Most remanufacturers wont even attempt to repair a PCM if the vehicle it came out of was submerged in a flood. Thermal stress and vibration can form microcracks in circuit boards (which are repairable).

Everything worked as advertised and will definitely be my first call for ecms...

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