Updating bios without windows

One of the easiest methods requiring no server configuration is to upgrade Power Edge servers via booting into a Cent OS 7.0 x64 live environment (USB is faster but one may want to use CD/DVD due to a limited number of USB ports), load the firmware BIN files onto a FAT32 USB drive, execute the following in a terminal to find the path to the USB drive, and launch the .BIN extension firmware file: This is how the files were developed assuming one is using Red Hat.

So I would like to update the bios and uefi to see if that helps with my problem.

The current Bios is F.11 Fred oakman2 wrote: SP66782is what I get when I download from HP web site. BIN and save it to the root of the usb flash drive.

We'll need to obtain a Free DOS disk image and mount it: (probably different for everyone), you hit Ctrl-C a moment too late. The relevant directions from there are reproduced in what follows.

1747A04_has been successfully used before, though other archives from Dell may also work.

After downloading the suitable file, use Dos Box to extract it: In the Dos Box window, type the name of the executable.

It will give an error, but upon closing it, and inspecting your directory, you should see that the archive was extracted and phlash16should now be present.After I get so far along, the Windows install says there is no hard disk, but it is there! When I download the new BIOS from hp.com, I get an executablethat of course wont work on a computer that doesnt boot.Nor can I find the bios file when I runthe executable on another laptop.If so how Thanks to anyone who can help Regards Hi Hope someone can help I have a Max Data PC with an Asus A8N-VM Mo Bo and an AMD athlon 64 3200 processor. Both Maxdata and Asus say my sytem will support Amd dual core so I have acquired a 4200 dual core However I was instructed to update my Bios which I downloaded from Max Data website using their link Unfortunately when I run it asks for a floppy disk and I dont have a floppy drive.If so how Thanks to anyone who can help Regards Who said it needed updating and why? I've found updating firmware can sometimes cause more problems than they cure. Wayne Click here to see the CNet faces, learn a little about analog and digital data, Internet connections, Spyware removal, and download free software.It is a windows executable that updates thebios on the computer that is running it. Plug that flashdrive into a port on the problem notebook.

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