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Select updates related to firmware, GPS software, Bluetooth, vehicles and voice languages.

Updating c330

When viewing a map, you have a choice of 3D View, North Up, or Track Up.

When you're driving without a route defined, the map displays your current location, speed, and direction.

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For more detailed information, a touch of the speed/ETA tab will bring up a comprehensive trip computer, displaying your overall average speed, moving average speed, maximum speed, total time, moving time, and stopped time.

This screen also displays current direction, an analog/digital speedometer, and your total trip distance since the previous reset. " icon on the main screen brings up a submenu of icons for food, lodging, fuel, intersections, attractions, shopping, parking, entertainment, recreation, community, cities, hospitals, transit, auto services, and parking.

In addition to navigating through the submenus mentioned above, you can also find and set a location by typing its address, intersection, city, or name, or by browsing the map.

The "My Locations" icon, under the "Where do you want to go?

Plus and minus touch icons in the upper left and right corners of the screen allow you to zoom in or out.

When a route is active, the information tab in the lower left corner of the screen, which normally displays your speed, will instead display the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

We would also like to have more flexibility in customizing the information displayed on various screens.

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