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This allows you to maximize the performance of your ADO. For example, if a primary key value for an existing row is updated, and a new row has been added with the new primary key value as a foreign key, it is important to process the update before the insert. By specifying a subset of rows to be updated, you can control the order in which inserts, updates, and deletes are processed.

NET application by specifying command syntax at design time and, where possible, through the use of stored procedures. For example, the following code ensures that the deleted rows of the table are processed first, then the updated rows, and then the inserted rows.

Adding a Data Table to a Data Set Describes how to create and add tables and columns to a Data Set.

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Data Table Readers Describes how to create and use a Data Table Reader. NET Overview Provides an introduction to the design and components of ADO. Populating a Data Set from a Data Adapter Describes how to load a Data Set with data from a data source.

Data Views Describes how to create and work with and work with Data View events. Updating Data Sources with Data Adapters Describes how to resolve changes to the data in a Data Set back to the data source.

Data Tables and its extensions are extremely configurable libraries and almost every aspect of the enhancements they make to HTML tables can be customised.

Features can be enabled, disabled or customised to meet your exact needs for your table implementations.

NET Data Set is a memory-resident representation of data that provides a consistent relational programming model regardless of the source of the data it contains.

A Data Set represents a complete set of data including the tables that contain, order, and constrain the data, as well as the relationships between the tables.Typed Data Sets Discusses what a typed Data Set is and how to create and use it.Data Tables Describes how to create a Data Table, define the schema, and manipulate data.For an example of consuming a Data Set from an XML Web service, see Consuming a Data Set from an XML Web Service.Creating a Data Set Describes the syntax for creating an instance of a Data Set.Copying Data Set Contents Describes how to create a copy of a Data Set that can contain schema as well as specified data.

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