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Aviation is a separate and highly regulated part of Garmin's database offerings.

The Fly Garmin page serves as your central resource for staying on top of the latest information and keeping your data current.

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Handheld GPS devices are great companions for hiking, fishing, hunting, and similar outdoor recreation.

Garmin's outdoor map updates keep you navigating with the latest and most accurate information.

Downloading maps, whether free or paid, requires both an account with Garmin's website as well as registration of your Garmin device.

You'll need to register an account before you begin; you can register your device during the initial device pairing with the software.

My Garmin memory, nit counting the SD card, is down to bare bones with only the voice I use, vehicle, etc. George When I wrote the earlier post asking you about the SD card, I didn't realize (until I read Craig W's post) that the zumo 550 is one of the models where Garmin Express doesn't offer map install to SD card.

I may just have to live with the last down load, but that is not a problem. Knowing that, I think your best choice is to install the full NA map on a SD card using the cloning method.

The zumo 550 is entitled to receive all of North America so I expect you'll be offered the North America map update using the cloning technique: The only other option you have is offered at the bottom of the second link, above.

Click the "What do I do if my device doesn't support the SD card feature during the Garmin Express map update?

Garmin's line of geolocation devices features a mix of free and paid upgrades to the maps that support the Global Positioning System features that consumers rely on to identify their location and track their routes.

If you've purchased one of Garmin's many GPS units that offer free map updates, visit the company's Map & Map Updates page, which will prompt you to download and install the Garmin Express map updater utility.

The Garmin Express application is key to updating maps for many devices.

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