Updating imac super drive

The super drive works as it should but the annoying pop up gets on my nerves.. Taken from Mac Fix It - Super Drive Firmware Update 2.1 (#2): Successes, failures, repeating dialog "The optical drives firmware version will be listed (in System Profiler) as HBEA if your drive is a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857.Apple does not make it clear what other models of optical drive, if any, require the update." I just checked on my Macbook, appears as HBEA.The approach detailed in this article will be modifying a Macs firmware nvram by using the command line, thus it’s only appropriate for advanced users.

This should work to enable an Apple External Super Drive to function as expected on a Mac which is otherwise not supported, but your results may vary.

Let us know in the comments below if this trick worked for you.

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I used this diver with Apple key board M # M7803 and Dell Multimedia USB keyboard (with and without wire..) works with both.

It’s not entirely clear where the original source of this nvram command comes from, but I discovered it in a bit of a web rabbit hole after following a comment left on a Super Drive article led to a thread on Apple Discussions and an official support article, which outlines getting a Super Drive working on unsupported Macs, and which Macs do and don’t support the Super Drive.

Apparently any Mac without an optical drive built-in should support a superdrive, but some users manually remove their optical drives to use the space for an additional hard drive, and sometimes a built-in optical drive fails too, thus leading to scenarios where such a command would be useful to enable support for the Super Drive.

For reference, Apple says the Super Drive works with the following Macs: Oh and if you’re wondering about getting an Apple Super Drive to work in Boot Camp or with Windows in general, you’ll want to follow these instructions to use an Apple Super Drive in Windows, which applies to Boot Camp as well as a general PC.

Did this trick work to enable Super Drive functionality for you?

The Apple Super Drive is an external CD / DVD drive that reads and writes to optical discs, and while it works great with many Macs, there are some Mac models where the Super Drive doesn’t work, like any Mac that happened to come with a built-in optical drive.

For the computers that do not support the Super Drive, connecting the device often pops-up an error message stating that the Superdrive “is not supported on this Mac”.

I've noticed little or no difference after the firmware update.

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