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Most programs will update by itself as long as you haven’t turned this option off by accident. When surfing the internet avoid websites that contain illegal software downloads, sexual references, free screensavers, cracks or serials, etc. If you go near these sites you are immediately asking for trouble.

Some other websites that you should stay away from include foreign websites where you cannot understand the language on them.

You can also disable the ability to open email attachments.

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I do not know anyone that wants to have their computer crash due to a virus invasion.

Here are 10 ways to protect your computer from viruses and keep your files and data safe.

Delete the email and send a fresh email to your friend asking them if they actually did send you the email. You can also create a whitelist so only certain emails get through.

You will still have to be careful though, as you do not know what security the sender has installed on their computer.

See my reviews for the best Virus Removal Software.

Lets face it, if you do not have protection against viruses installed on your computer, you will without a doubt, get a virus within the first hour of surfing the internet. For years I would remove a virus from my dads computer at least once a year, until finally I realized that he needed a paid Anti-virus program.

This is because you cannot tell what is on the website.

This is definitely included in the top 10 internet safety tips. These updates contain security updates that will help in your fight against viruses.

He wasn’t good with computers and if a windows popped up and said he needed to take a scan, he would just do it.

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