Updating my garmin gps

A pilot-selectable presentation optionally displays flight instruments in round gauges or tapes overlaid on the 3D topographic landscape.

Connext Wireless Connectivity Wireless connectivity options set the aera 660 even further apart from other portables on the market.

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Bearing pointers can be manually configured to identify the nearest airport, complete with distance information.

When connected to the GTX 345, GDL 39 3D or Flight Stream, the 3D Vision presentation is further enhanced with the display of pitch, roll and slip-skid information.

Additionally, the aera 660 supports connectivity with the Garmin VIRB XE HD action camera, so pilots can control recording and take photos.

When paired with the GTX 345, Flight Stream or the GDL 39/GDL 39 3D, ADS-B traffic and weather1 is wirelessly transferred and displayed on the aera 660.

The Garmin signature direct-to feature is always available so it’s easy to command navigation functions or find nearest airports from any page.

A mini-USB connector, micro SD card slot and removable battery accompany a dedicated power button along the bezel of the aera.Depending on settings and external connections, pilots will receive up to 4 hours of battery life on a single charge.An intuitive user interface resembles that of the popular GTN 650/750 touchscreen series, aera 795/796 series and the Garmin Pilot app, so pilots can easily transition between the aera 660 and other Garmin products in the cockpit.The standard obstacle database contains Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines, which typically include those that span rivers, canyons, valleys or those that are within the vicinity of airports. Additionally, VFR helicopter chart coverage throughout eight major metropolitan areas within the U. depict helicopter airways and routes, heliports with associated frequency and lighting capabilities, NAVAID information and obstructions.Obstacle databases with comprehensive power line coverage and HOT lines are also available for the U. Coverage for the Gulf of Mexico is also available, which includes offshore oil drilling platforms and more.The traffic picture is further enhanced during taxi, takeoff and landing with Terminal Traffic, which detects and displays other aircraft or ground vehicles on runways or taxiways that are also broadcasting ADS-B position information.

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