Updating netbsd

This leaves a number of open points to address either by future releases, or by other products.I decided it was time to update my Free BSD Digital Ocean droplet from the end-of-life version 10.1 (shame on me) to the modern version 10.3 (good until April 2018), and maybe even version 11 (good until 2021).In the meantime, the world has changed, and CDROMs aren’t used that much any more.

updating netbsd-83

This allows researchers to keep older software in-place indefinitely for long-term studies while deploying newer software in later snapshots.

Contributing to Pkgsrc Building Your Own Binary Packages This is a long rant.

As it turns out, if you are using git-fsck, you are unable to clone boto and requests. At this point we have to shift projects, no longer are we working on Electron.. We are fairly confident it will fail, delete the file out from under itself and hinder the process even further, so we add an explicit exit to the update script. which then build the various components and somewhere in that cluster, something doesn’t know about Open BSD…

Obviously the proper fix for his is to not care about the validity of the git objects! I look at Henry, he is looking a photo of his wife and kids.

If you’ve been reading [email protected], you likely noticed the recent creation of the netbsd-8 branch.

If you haven’t been reading [email protected], here’s some news: the netbsd-8 branch has been created, signaling the beginning of the release process for Net BSD 8.0.A rant intended to document lunacy, hopefully aid others in the future and make myself feel better about something I think is crazy.It may seem like I am making an enemy of electron, but keep in mind that isn’t my intention! My friend Henry, a canary, is coming along for the ride!For storage, FTP servers are nice and fast, but alternatives like SSH/SFTP, NFS, i SCSI and SMB for remote storage plus local storage (back to fun with filesystems, anyone?avoiding this was why g4u was created in the first place! Further aspects include integrity (checksums), confidentiality (encryption).There were no sensitive files on the VM, so I had put it off.

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