Updating networks on facebook

But I would say it’s a bad thing to ever pressure a guy into changing his Facebook status.

I took down my relationship status because I didn’t need my family, distant relatives, employers and ex-classmates to see every time I’ve started or ended a relationship.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook — In the marketing point of view, the Facebook is valuable to create a brand not only for individuals but also businesses at the global level.

The Facebook benefits include as a social networking pros provides benefits for business and individuals too, such as making a group, chatting with clients, making an event, wall stickers, reliable platforms, news feed, etc.

Ease up a bit on the fella – Facebook status can be a touchy thing.

I’ve been on the receiving end of the whole Facebook relationship status drama.

I don’t want to stand on top of buildings yelling and declaring love like some fool in countless romance movies (that’s why it’s a movie… I don’t need to call everyone after a few weeks of seeing a girl and gush about my new girlfriend. Moreover, my focus is on things being good at the moment – not the label. And that’s part of the fun of the beginning stages of a relationship!

And as a guy, I know that relationships can change… Relationships eventually move into a more stable stage and mature into something different.For me, it was annoying as hell and it turned into a battle of wills between me and my girlfriend at that time.These days I don’t list my relationship status on Facebook – too much hassle and nonsense for something I prefer to be personal. With regards to your situation, step back for a moment. At a deeper level, it’s probably about a couple of things. In my mind, if he’s referring to you as his girlfriend, he’s into you.Today this article will list all pros & cons of the Facebook usage.However, the coin always has the two sides so you must know both sides of the Facebook & try to be aware of the Facebook drawbacks & go with the Facebook benefits.Facebook engages almost everyone from young to old folks.

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