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I have verified that the machines are in the correct groups in AD and in WSUS.

I have verified in the registry on the affected machines that they are pointing to the WSUS server and it can be pinged. There is no firewall or port blocker or anything like that.

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Notice of Proposed Awards - Groups 1, 2, 3 - Posted February 20, 2018.

Notice of Proposed Awards - Group 1 - Posted January 19, 2018.

We have a WSUS server running on Windows Server 2016.

WSUS detects and sends updates to all systems, including the 2012 servers.

This sounds like the what was effectively being done by the previous paragraph. Uncheck "Upgrades" from the Classifications for your site servers software update point configurations.

Other suggestion was to do the command line "c:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\” “postinstall /servicing” But I haven't gone back through that process yet as I'm waiting for more explanation from MS.These are fresh server installs, they have just been installed straight from a disk image created November of last year.If I run a report on one of the servers and I set the product filter to "Windows Server 2016" I get 31 updates installed or not applicable. The status for all of them is "Not Applicable" They are all Critical updates and Security Updates.Since they have been installed they have gotten 0 updates.I have a hard time believing that there are 0 applicable updates for a fresh Windows Server 2016 install.In my case my WSUS was running on Window Server 2012 R2, had all the patches, had run all the VB cleanup script you see floating around, had been through the cleanup process (which took hours), could serve updates to Windows 10 machines but fresh Windows Server 2016 client machines would fail to fetch updates from WSUS with 0x8024401c error messages.

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