Updating samsung tv firmware

Firmware version is 1056, tried manually entering DNS to and (neither worked), then reset tv to factory settings. All other devices (including VIZIO TV work fine through wireless connection. This time I shut down my TV and turned it back on before trying Netflix.

The reset solved the issue, but was back to not working the following day and no longer works when I try resetting again. The app made me log in to my account again but now it is working!! I have just found this thread and I'm so pleased I did because I was going mad.

Tried changing wifi region from R to A and back to R then back to A (also doing a svc reset after each change) and still nothing.

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I don't know why the reset would solve the problem one day, then the next morning it was back to not working and resetting the tv again does not fix the problem like it did the day before. Pandora and Amazon Prime Video would work, but not Netflix.

Just to reiterate the problem and steps I've taken so far - Problem: Won't connect to wifi, network settings menu on tv disappears immediately after searching for networks. I can't get through factory reset step 2 due to problem. Neither wireless or wired work Tried changing DNS, resetting router. I tried restarting the TV and now I am back to the same issue again of the TV connecting to the router BUT NOT having an internet connection. Essentially all I did was update my DNS Server to

Now samsung says there is no problem so I don't think this will ever be resolved with people who own first generation Samsung smart tvs. This is completely and utter BS from Samsung, they know they screwed up but wont do a single thing to fix it. I purchased this from Frys with 3 year warranty and lost the receipt now Frys is taking their sweet time locating a invoice to cover my repairs .. Mine automatically loaded the new firmware but you may have to select "by USB" if your tv does that.

Someone post Samsung info so we can all jump on the bandwagon and complain,,... Im sure we all know its the software update that did this. I'm finding many threads on this site and across the internet regarding network connection issues with Samsung tvs.

Unfortunately, I've only found one site which actually discusses the issue I'm having but no solution was found (

The rest of the threads and sites pertain to issues that I'm not experience.

Other times, it briefly shows all the wireless routers but then disappears really quick not giving me time to setup anything. I can't believe this has been a problem for 1 years. Last night I moved my Netgear Range Extender which had been in another room to next to the TV and it completely stopped the problem.

Yes, I would also get apple tv, roku, etc, but I paid for the wifi on this TV as well, so it SHOULD be working. I'll just buy another one for my upstairs where it had been.

I tried same steps (manually enter dns and reset tv again), but the network connection failed to show my network after the reset. Internet was connected but not working with my apps, however, the web browser was working. I went back to the web browser to access Netflix and now it redirects to Playmo TV? The issue seems to be with Samsungs smart hub server(s).

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