Updating sql database from an array

To be in First Normal Form (1NF) a table can have no repeating groups, which mean that it has only columns of scalar values.

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For a long time, procedural languages have used arrays to hold and manipulate data, so programmers are used to designing data with them.

The relational model states that all data is shown in tables, and we have no other data structures.

sql_build_array function is responsible for handling UPDATE or INSERT SQL data safely.

This function automatically escapes strings and ensures type safety.

I hope you guys appreciate the content and learn more about how the Databases and Rails models work.

It is certainly possible to fake an Array in SQL, but there are only a few occasions when it would be the best design.

Previous part I have described how to Create Dynamic Insert SQL script Using PHP query.

Now we will create dynamic update sql query based on data and table name.

Simple My SQL Update Query Example if table has 2 column, one is name and another column name is age.

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