Updating standard cost

Making manual G/L entries will only make reconciliation between the item ledger and general ledger extremely tough and add a tremendous amount of (unless) work.

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The timing of this really depends on the company and the industry they’re in.

I’ve seen companies revaluate their standard cost every month, some do it every quarter, some companies revaluate their standard cost every year.

The authors show how standard cost systems can be redesigned to measure factors recognized to be important in today's manufacturing environment, such as quality, production levels, and throughput.

They demonstrate how standard cost systems can foster continuous improvement through dynamic rather than static standards.

Academicians teaching cost and managerial accounting as well as those teaching production management and financial decision-making courses should find it beneficial in courses dealing with current problems in today's changing manufacturing environment.

Overview Recently, I’ve been contacted by one of our readers on why their inventory cost was wrong.To do this, all you need to do is just updating the Standard Cost field on the Item Card of the Stockkeeping Unit Card is only part of the process.The folks at Microsoft made it even convenient for you to do so: All you need to do is just change the Standard Cost to whatever you like and you’re done.Tailoring Cost Accounting Systems to the New Manufacturing Environment -- 3.Benefits of Updating versus Installing a New Cost System -- 4. Measuring the Right Variables: Updating Variance Reporting -- 6. Integrating the Organization's Information Systems -- 10. Effect of the New Manufacturing Environment on Marketing -- 12.This book is directed primarily towards accountants and managers needing to improve informational content of accounting data for decision-making purposes.

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