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These connectors are probably already cabled with the wiring harness provided with the unit.

EDAS cards have two HD15 connectors and two RJ45 jacks on them.

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You can then verify the provider (should be set to PREMIERE) or scroll right to Service to set which of Premiere’s channels it receives. Next you will need to wire up audio and relay closures.

When the display says SERVICE hit enter and then scroll right or left until you find the channel you want to receive; then press enter again.

They provide no means for the integration of downloaded information with information products offered on disk or CD, and provide only rudimentary facilities for local viewing and search of downloaded files.

29, 1996, and entitled “COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED TRANSPORT OF ELECTRONIC INFORMATION OBJECTS,” which is a Continuation-in-Part of U. General-purpose, online, modem-accessed, electronic information services, such as PRODIGY, COMPUSERVE and AMERICA ONLINE (trademarks), and some Internet services, provide wide access to timely information products from a central server, but are limited and complex.Setting channels on audio decoder cards: First you will need to know which ports you have audio decoders installed in. Audio decoder cards and EDAS cards are plugged into the six EXPANSION INTERFACE PORTS labeled A-F.The Audio decoder cards are labeled “ DECODER” and have two DB-style connectors on them, a DB9 “ Audio Out” connector, and a DB15 “ Digital IF” connector. Who to contact and how for what types of questions. Each Starguide III has a certain number of audio decoders and one or more EDAS cards. What are the functional blocks of the Starguide III and how will they help my station?Notice the port numbers beside each “expansion interface card.” Getting into the port menu (covered in detail in the Starguide III manual pages 13-15). Connecting your Starguide's EDAS card to your LAN/WAN will allow you to browse to the EDAS memory (just like a shared hard-drive on your network) and copy audio files and prep material over to your local machines, making transfer of audio files into your automation easier and printing of prep materials a breeze.

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