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Plans for future phase: Add support at the CPP server.

The advantage of those methods is that they can be easily extended to simulate a large number of clients in automation.

Each TRex port has a source and destination MAC (DUT) configured in the /etc/trex_configuration file.

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However, if a large amount of traffic is being monitored, consider Wireshark Pipe or the Capture Recording method.

Current: TRex supports scanning of network for IPv6-enabled neighbors, and pinging nearby devices from the console.

By default, the hardware-specified MAC addresses (source and destination) are used.

If a source or destination MAC address is configured explicitly, that address has priority over the hardware-specified default. Alternatively, a port can be put into promiscuous mode, allowing the port to receive all packets on the line.

TRex Stateless support enables basic L2/L3 testing, relevant mostly for a switch or router.

In Stateless mode it is possible to define a stream with a one packet template, define a program to change any fields in the packet, and run the stream in one of the following modes: Stateless mode can mimic some, but not all functionality of Stateful mode.

Due to this separation it is possible to share traffic profiles. Information is shared between console, GUI, and simulator in YAML format.

This format is difficult to use for defining packets; primarily for machine use.

YAML can be converted to native using the As an intergral part of configuring L3, the client will try to ARP resolve the destination address and automatically configure the correct destination MAC, instead of sending an ARP request when starting traffic.

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