Updating twitter and facebook at the same time polish dating network

Using a personal proxy server has several advantages.

What you need to have for this purpose is a web server.

By creating your own proxy website at your own server, you can easily unblock any blocked site and get access of it from office, school or college.

If your network administrators trace your activities and get to know that you are browsing Facebook through the proxy servers, they will block that proxy sites as well as other proxy sites.

Apart from that, accessing the log-in page through a third-party website can be dangerous some time.

Due to availability of several tutorials to access blocked Facebook, the admins try to include different types of blocking system.

Before we get into the possible ways of breaking the firewall to open Facebook, you must go through some common workarounds with your system.

You can use some URL shortening services like or to access blocked sites.

Proxy websites can be used to open blocked URLs in your computer.

Though there is a way to create your own proxy server so that you can take care of your log-in credentials and browsing data. If you do not have such a personal server, you may create your own proxy server for free using Google app engine.

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