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Sex literotica - Updating wordpress theme

In this post we’ll see what the average theme author should have in mind when updating a theme for Gutenberg compatibility and ponder about the future in theme and plugin editing.

First of all let’s dispel some myths or worries (if there are any left at this point). It will indeed come with a grace period and be backwards compatible with “old school” Word Press.

Based on our research, the effort required to make an older theme “Gutenberg-ready” will not be insignificant, but at the same time quite manageable.

Right now, if someone was to enable Gutenberg on an existing website, nothing much would change.

You can either manually download themes and include them in your directory or you can install themes through your Word Press admin panel in your dev app.

Theme files can be updated in your local filesystem and changes will be reflected in your running dev app.Here’s why: Requests to network directories must traverse your app’s network, adding latency to every request.While this latency is minimal, it can add up very quickly, especially since theme files are accessed on every page load.Alternatives to WP include EWWW Image Optimizer, CW Image Optimizer, Imsanity and Hammy.Many Word Press users prefer using these plugins as they do not rely on an external server to process your images.The Gutenberg FAQ is a great place to start reading about how this will work and the commitments the Gutenberg team has made in regards to it.

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