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It can only be used for a byte[] property, which is mapped from a rowversion (timestamp) column.

Product table: Now Row Version property is the concurrency token.

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The following example updates and and deletes the same product concurrently: Inherited from Db Update Exception, Db Update Concurrency Exception has an Entries property.

Entries returns a sequence of Entity Entry instances, representing the conflicting entities’ tracking information.

The ribbon for this example will appear when a user composes a new mail message.

To create a custom group for the ribbon, first add a Ribbon item to your project, and then design the group in the Ribbon Designer.

In this procedure, you will add the custom group to a built-in tab, and then specify the position of the custom group on the tab.

When you open a new mail form in Outlook, a custom group named Customer Purchases appears on the Messages tab of the Ribbon.

This walkthrough demonstrates how to use the Ribbon object model to update the controls on a ribbon after the ribbon is loaded into the Office application.

Applies to: The information in this topic applies to document-level projects and VSTO Add-in projects for the following applications: Excel; Info Path 2013 and Info Path 2010; Outlook; Power Point; Project; Visio; Word.

Concurrency conflicts can be detected by checking entities’ property values besides primary keys. A row’s non-nullable rowversion column is a 8 bytes (binary(8)) counter maintained by database, its value increases for each change of the row.

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