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Analysis shows that Dyn’s DNS network performance is up to 10 times more consistent than competing networks.If your company runs on the web, faster DNS performance translates directly to better user experiences, improved customer loyalty and increased revenues.Dyn provides managed DNS for the world’s largest and most admired web properties and digital brands.

We intelligently route user traffic using internet performance data from over 600 collection points across the globe.

Every day we gather and analyze over 240 billion source collected data points, and make 40 billion traffic optimization decisions to help our customers improve user experiences and contain costs.

As an alternative, I installed the FC3-extras ddclient rpm on one Cent OS4 system and it configured/ran fine, but the 3.6.6 implementation is a little nicer. Provided sshd is running on the server and the router directs inbound port 22 to the server, then you should be able to use ssh (or Pu TTY in windows) for remote access. I verified that sshd is running on my web server and activate both ports 22 ans 23 on my router for inbound, however even when I am connected with my laptop on my home network and try to telnet to my web server's IP address, I get a "connection refused". I know this is probably trivial for all you experienced Linux folks but it's all new and exciting to me!

Ok, I will check to see if what I configured corresponds to what you have here. It would be noce to be able to accesss the server remotely though. For security reasons, it might be a good idea to set up a different port in sshd and ssh using the -p option. Do keep in mind that there are numerous security ramifications associated with opening ports to the internet. Now at least I can check it remotely when I need to.

Over 3,500 enterprises, including preeminent digital brands like Netflix, Twitter, Linkedin and CNBC are powered by Dyn’s DNS solutions. For modern sites and applications, DNS resolution can account for up to 30% of site load time.

Dyn is consistently at the top of the league table for DNS performance.

Not only is DNS the first step in site and web application performance, it’s quickly becoming a strategic tool for network resiliency, optimizing global web application performance, and managing traffic across hybrid cloud environments.

No other component of an infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaa S) strategy delivers so much value relative to its investment.

I want to run these multiple sites on my CENTOS web server using virtual hosts, and my SMC router only has the possibility to update only one of my domains that I have listed at DYNDNS.

Also, how can i access my CENTOS web server remotely so that I can manage it?

The network is split into two separate constellations and supports active/active failover to ensure service continuity in the event of catastrophes.

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