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The heart brings tuberose,lily of the valley and rose. I have just bought mine and the scent goes well with my skin. I believe my sis and my tattoo artist wear this too. I'm not going to tell others not to buy it, it can be right on someone whose chemistry suits Be Delicious but it was too similar to a room spray I used to use in the 00s.

The apple cucumber scent is very pronounced and it gives a mild woodsy, greenish scent few hours after the spray. Though it is a huge change of taste for me from Davidoff Champion to this. I like the bottle and might try the I liked the bottle enough to consider buying just 30ml of Fresh Blossom to keep the bottle when I'm done with that.

The top note is sweet apple, but quickly turns into an unpleasant synthetic smell shortly thereafter.

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I personally love this and it was very ubiquitous when I was in high school. It's very young so I don't see anyone over late 20s getting away with wearing this to work, etc. It's a good spring/fall scent but it doesn't have the warmth to be a good winter scent or the sweetness to work in the summer. Staying power isn’t what it used to be either, I give it a 6/10 for longevity. I found it to be the same as it was years ago - it's just not so nice on the skin.

It smells almost masculine at times due to the freshness and a slightly bitter citrus (lime maybe? I fell in love with the fragrance when I tested it at a shop so I bought it. Maybe the tester at the shop was different than the bottle I bought, although, I must say, the concentration was exactly the same! Before the reformulated version, this was one of my favorite scents to wear. Now those apple notes are veryyy synthetic, the refreshing cucumber is now an off-putting undertone, and honestly nothing seems to blend nicely in this fragrance anymore. Sillage 7/10 Scent 5/10 I really wish they’d stop reformulating all my favorites. It's synthetic and dull, and the opposite of 'fresh'.

It might sound cliche but for me the best way to describe this is Delicious! This one is great for people who like to smell nice at the gym strange as that sounds, I'm one of those people who always wear perfume no matter where or what I'm doing. Longevity is quite good on me and i can use this also in winter. :) One of those fragrances that's more impressive when you smell it from the bottle.

The gym is a tricky one because you want it to smell fresh & clean so this works perfectly. This suites best for young woman (eaven though i’m over 30...). I love the scent but I'm just saying, the sweet fruity apple is very reminiscent. Woody dry down and it's overall pretty inoffensive. I owned this years ago and a friend recently bought one for me as a thank you gift.

It was great idea to combine apple and cucumber notes with spring flowers.

I totally agree with "thatpotion", everything I wanted to write, she wrote, too.

This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance, which matches a picture of a bold, but charming woman.

The top features green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia. If it works for you, it's a nice, fresh spring-summer fragrance. Dominant notes are apple, cucumber and grapefruit with mild lily and magnolia. This fragrance was my first fragrance love from back in high school. I tried buying the dollar store knockoff and was sorely disappointed by the powdery cucumber scent of it. I finally decide that the price of a mini or rollerball is worth it.

I think Fresh Blossom suits me better but I wanted to own the original Be Delicious first.

It seemed like I either couldn't smell the fragrance after a short while, after I'd been using Be Delicious for some months or the fragrance lost it's "power" - both longevity and projection very fast.

I thought it was J'adore or her shampoo but later I asked what's that perfume and that way I learned about Be Delicious phenomenon.

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