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But just hours later he hit the town by visiting one of the most controversial nightclubs in the capital.

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He added: "People like simple narratives – we created one a couple of years ago with good versus evil with Bolt and Gatlin.

"People are frustrated, they want to see clean sport and it’s simple and it is easy, it feels good to pin that on one person and that’s been Justin Gatlin.

Transfers are a source of interest among football fans because they offer hope, the hope that your team might suddenly blow a club-record fee on a superstar forward or, even better, buy someone you've never heard of in exchange for some training cones who then turns out to be a club legend.

It is the same reason that American football fans get carried away around the NFL draft, because the promise of what the best players in college football could bring to your favourite team invariably outweighs the reality of what occurs.

Bolt's transformation from athlete to commercial property was complete before his retirement in a way that was probably only matched by David Beckham and Michael Jordan before him.

Obviously the next wave of significant sports retirements will change that but Bolt was a leading light for athletics who realised his value greater than anyone else in his generation or field.

Not only has the running star become one of the most loved athletes of all time, but off the track he's dating one of Jamaica's most fashionable women, Kasi Bennett, according to The Jamaica Star. And not only does Bennett have killer style, but the gal also has an awesome sense of humour as well.

On Sunday, the official Olympics Twitter account tweeted, "If Usain Bolt wins tonight, he will be the first Olympian ever to win the 100m in #athletics three times in a row," with throwback clips of the track star in the Men's 100m finals in the 20 Games.

"But at the end of the day it does nothing to help the situation or to rectify the situation we are talking about with doping in sport.

"There are things you can do within the sport that would make it more difficult for athletes to come back – for example, prize money you have won, pay that back before you are allowed to come back.

The Jamaican is famous around the world now for his athletics career in which he broke a number of records and won fistfuls of medals while simultaneously building up a lovable lothario persona - think Russell Brand in yellow spandex - and picking up some valuable commercial deals.

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