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There is no problem in marrying her, the caste is no big deal, the only problem i sense is the acceptance of this by your parents.

Some of the elements of the Hindu wedding ceremony, notably the circumambulation of the sacred fire and the cult of the domestic fire itself, are rooted in the remote Indo-European past.

The same is probably true of some aspects of the ancestor cult.

Vedism, which developed in India among Indo-European-speaking peoples.

Scholars from the period of British colonial rule postulated that this branch of a related group of nomadic and seminomadic tribal peoples, originally inhabiting the steppe country of southern Russia and Central Asia, brought with them the horse and chariot and the Sanskrit language.

However all said and done the devotee can always follow any of these sampradayas and be promoted to Vaikuntha.

These brahmin and Vaishnava are all the weeds of a human brain but the society never accepts this with the ease that I wrote so.The Vedic people were in close contact with the ancestors of the Iranians, as evidenced by similarities between Sanskrit and the earliest surviving Iranian languages.Thus, the religion of the Rigveda contains elements from three strata: an element common to most of the Indo-European groups, an element held in common with the early Iranians, and an element appearing only in the Indian subcontinent.The Rigveda contains many other Indo-European elements, such as ritual sacrifices and the worship of male sky gods, including the old sky god Dyaus, whose name is cognate with those of Zeus of ancient Greece and Jupiter of Rome (“Father Jove”).The Vedic heaven, the “world of the fathers,” resembles the Germanic Valhalla and seems also to be an Indo-European inheritance.The second problem :- Someone has to take a stand, we just can’t keep accepting this, no matter if it be parents.

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