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The total length of the body of your advanced rule cannot exceed 2048 characters.

Note the use of the "[" and "]" at the beginning and end of the list of values.

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When the manager's direct reports change in the future, the group's membership will be adjusted automatically.

It is possible to change how membership is managed in a group.

Tip Group creation fails if the rule you entered was incorrectly formed or not valid.

A notification is displayed in the upper-right hand corner of the portal, containing an explanation of why the rule could not be processed.

Note This feature requires an Azure AD Premium P1 license for each unique user that is a member of one or more dynamic groups.

You don't have to assign licenses to users for them to be members of dynamic groups, but you must have the minimum number of licenses in the tenant to cover all such users.

You can set up a rule for dynamic membership on security groups or Office 365 groups.

When any attributes of a user or device change, the system evaluates all dynamic group rules in a directory to see if the change would trigger any group adds or removes.

This condition evaluates to True of the value of user.department equals one of the values in the list.

The following table lists common errors and how to correct them 1. Use -and or -or two join predicates(user.department -eq "Sales") -or (user.department -eq "Marketing")2.

The following are examples of a properly constructed advanced rule: For the complete list of supported parameters and expression rule operators, see sections below.

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