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For each data set, the competition winner gets a chance to publish the algorithm in an article devoted to the competition that will appear in IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.

[ top ] (and true labels of the evaluation data sets) are available here. In the description of Data Set I in ASCII format (on the download web page) rows and columns were confused. In the Matlab format of Data Set V, the field contained all 32 channels, instead of the 8 channel subset. Please see additional information on data set IIIb.

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After filling out the form and pushing the "I Agree" button an automatic e-mail will be generated containing location and access information for the data set download area.

[ top ] Albany: Gerwin Schalk, Dean Krusienski, Jonathan R.

Making the same calculation after the transfer and comparing the before and after results, you can determine if the received data is corrupted or not.

If the results match, then the received data is likely accurate.

So the submission file to data set IVc must contain 420 lines of classifier output. Due to the large size of files for submissions to data set IIIa and IIIb, the files should not be sent by email, but put on the ftp server of TU-Graz: please log in by ftp to and put you file there. If you have problems, please contact 〈[email protected]〉.

The description of data set V was updated in order to clarify the requirement 'The algorithm should provide an output every 0.5 seconds using the last second of data.', see description V.

The most common use for FSUM is checking data files for corruption.

A message digest or checksum calculation might be performed on data before transferring it from one location to another.

You are much much better off adding a variable salt to passwords before hashing (such as the username or other field that is dissimilar for every account).

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