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Its 71,000-person business unit provides solutions to meet the enduring needs of defense, space, and intelligence customers in the United States and around the world, according to the companys website. Louis, and has concentrated operations in Southern California; Seattle; Houston; Philadelphia; Mesa, Arizona; Huntsville, Alabama; the Space Coast of Florida; San Antonio; and Washington, D. We are organized, not by customer, but by capability to provide the NGA, CIA, DIA and NSA an enterprise level approach to global situational awareness, content management and knowledge capture.

Our architectural solutions facilitate the seamless integration of military and intelligence missions by leveraging open standards and commercial technology.

GIG is the Internet-like system that will theoretically link military commanders, warfighters, and national collection agencies into a single classified network.

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At that point, the system will enable sector command centers to dispatch the right agents and resources to respond to the scene.

The equipment will include ground-based and tower-mounted sensors, cameras and radars; fixed and mobile telecommunications systems; ground-penetrating detecting systems; command and control center equipment; and information database and intelligence analysis systems.

It allows agencies and military units to map global shorelines and create detailed maps of cities and battlefields, complete with digital elevation data that allow users to construct three-dimensional maps. More than half of the work performed by AIS supports classified government programs.enables increased focus on the complex challenges faced by our homeland security and intelligence community customers I&SS will improve our ability to bring comprehensive, net-enabled capabilities to meet our customers' dynamic requirements." a comprehensive plan by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to gain operational control of the US borders through the integration of increased staffing; interior enforcement; detection technology and infrastructure; and coordination on federal, state, local, and international levels.

that is dedicated to providing ground-based and other integrated intelligence and security solutions for a variety of U. a program focused on transforming border control through technology and infrastructure.

Bridge really gave us name-brand recognition within the intelligence community, S.

Bradford Bud Antle, SIs former president and CEO, told investors during a 2006 Washington conference on defense investing sponsored by the Friedman Billings Ramsey investment firm.

In 2006, IDS began testing for its defense and intelligence clients a new product that downloads signals and imagery from military satellites and sends the data instantly to analysts in ground stations.

For the first time, said Boeing, signal intelligence receivers proved that they could automatically identify the target -- a mock terrorist -- and trigger airborne surveillance assets to track the target on the ground, while capturing full-motion imagery and broadcasting it instantly to analysts several hundred miles away.

S.-Mexico border with a virtual fence network of surveillance systems and communications towers.

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